About AD Design Architects

About AD Design Architects


Our Awesome Story

A. D. Design Architects is a locally owned Architectural Firm with resident offices in Mombasa, Kenya.

A. D Design Architects provides high quality professional architectural and interior design consultancy services to both local and international clients and is confident that the qualification and experience of its personnel and the accompanying geographical and sectorial competence ensures that the firm executes projects effectively and efficiently. A.D Design Architects operates both independently and dependently with reputable and well established support services consultancy firms.

A. D Design Architects place great emphasis on encouraging and motivating the project team in order to achieve the successful completion of projects and fulfill the objectives of the client from inception to completion, the firm exercises strict control of the projects with a view of eliminating cases of cost-over-runs, extensions to contract periods and poor quality finished products.

The latest techniques are applied to improve the quality and speed of services available to clients. A continual review of the techniques and application are undertaken so that the advanced working methods are always at the disposal of the client and that up-to-date information is readily accessible to all project team members.

The practice aim is to ensure that clients receive value-for-money by ensuring that costs, time and quality requirement are proficiently controlled and documented.



Our Capabilities

A. D Design Architects vision is to provide appropriate architecture that reflects the culture and social traditions of the country or region of the location of the project and those which are eco friendly.

A. D Design Architects is well equipped to take on projects of any size as clearly evidenced by our growing client base.

A. D Design Architects team comprises of experienced architects and technicians with advanced presentation and Computer Aided Design (CAD) skills ensuring that projects are accurate, on budget and completed on time.

A. D Design Architects can, through associated Practices offer specialist and design services and coordinate, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering services.








Our Fantastic Team

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